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facts about me.

  • My nickname is Ica
  • I am introvert, INTJ
  • I am plegmatist
  • Minimalism for life
  • I don't really like talking, that's why i'm blogging
  • I love Grey & Navy Blue
  • I both like & hate rooftop/high places 
  • I don't really like sweets
  • I don't like carbonated drinks
  • I love guitar since i was very young, yes young, go ask my mom
  • I have a dream, to have a bedroom with bookshelves and mini music studio
  • I have a dream, to have minimalist house with garden
  • I really wanna to plant vegetables and flowers just like my father did long time ago
  • I have very small friend circle
  • I'm inspired by the authors of a book, blogger, a movie, song lyrics, and my parents :)