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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


/ finally /

Finally one of my dreams becoming true
I remember when i was in high school
And even some years before it
When i was in junior high school
And even since i was started my first year
I was 5 when i entered the elementary school

I moved to the other cities
With my heroes
Mom and Dad
My little brother, Novan
And I remember when my mom gave us a big happiness when Novid was born

My eyes're teary
My head's dizzy

I feel i'm alive with all the pains i left last night
That i have to forgive myself
All of my sins and all of the mistakes i made
They are a good people around me
I will never blame anyone

One of my dreams becoming true
They helps me, so
Why did i blame everyone ?
Why do i have to complain ?

Please, don't blame my feelings
I never lied
I want to love everyone
And please don't change it
I will stay like this
And i will always changing
But my love stay inside

I used to be like this :
"I have a dream to be a writer someday"
(Seeing my name printed on one of books at Gramedia)
"I want to feel the euphoria"
(Singing in front of many peoples)
"I want to work in international company"
(My mom and my people are happy now)
"I will be better"
(I keep re-arrange all the dreams and speak it to my close people)

I know
These days my head thinking so random
But i know i'm heading the brighter days
One by one
Day by day
Just believe in yourself
The final result won't betray your effort