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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Dreams and life are always connected. When we have a dream and wanna make it come true, just take the actions. Dreams with no execution is impossible tho. It's okay to speak out our dreams. Maybe with discussing it to a friend. For me, it always works. Talk about dreams is like praying. It's the best way to ask and God will always help. 

One month before i work for Thiess, when i was on my way to the market with my mom. I was texting my sista on WhatsApp. I texted "I will get better job so we could shop fruits & vegetables together". 

And she replied "Nice idea!"

I knew i was both telling my hopes and praying at the time. I remember another one. When i was on my way to.. (i forgot). Mostly i'm thinking about something when i'm riding my bike.. So i told myself that "i will get my main and side job, so i will get busier and that's all i wanted."

Alhamdulillah, it happened just like my prays. I didn't expect too much on it. I just keep it simple. And anything goes well during these 6 months.