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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mind & The City: Dear Twin

November 5th 2017

This isn't special date until i knew a girl named Chong Xiaoshan (Guangzhou, 2011). And this is unplanned to write story about my twin, Alan. Why am i here ? To be honest, it is because i want to post a poem about my ex. But my mood changed. So, Alan, he is not my real twin, but i used to called him like that since we knew each other 3 years ago. He was born 1 day before me. So it is February 22th 1994. He is also the first child and the first grandchild, just like me. We have similar mindset and condition. He is my bestfriend, he never force me to be like this or that. We are just being ourselves. We once almost fell in a 'dangerous' zone. But we handled it well and here we are.. last night we just met 'cause he helped my family (moving day). He is also close to my mom. It's rare. So far.. he's the best. 

You know what, when i'm writing about someone, it doesn't mean they are perfect for me or even to herself/himself. They also have 'blind side', weakness. But i love the way they love their own selves. And i love how they taking care people around them. Not just Alan. I will write every single good people here, maybe in separate post. I want make it readable instead of expressing it directly 'cause i'm bad at it, and i thought i can't always have time to see my besties often. So.. this is just another way to tell about my feelings.

I know Alan will have better days and good future since he is hard worker and never complain about his life at all. He also taking care his younger sister very very well. I amazed by that. Mostly people are hiding their life stories, but Alan.. He's honest, just like me. That's why i said he is my twin. 'cause we were born in very close time to each other. He's tyas in male version. By the way, right or false, happy birthday xiaoshan, RIP my dear :) I'll see you in your hometown someday.