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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Again and again and again, we're moving out. It's just 2 weeks ago. Okay, i bet nobody wanna know about this but lemme strip some burdens off, 'cause like a normal human, i got tired and sad too. I always have 2 sides, happy-sad. No, i'm just not too much. It's keep me simple as a human. I don't wanna count how many times we moved. 'cause maybe this is the last, i mean my mom, at least. I knew she must be tired of this. But i hope she wouldn't be tired to waiting, her daughter will take her along the world. Not to move, but to travel surround the world. And you know what? Sometimes we have to speak our dreams out. Can be writings or light conversation with someone. 

I put the second glass next to another glass i didn't put away yet since last night. 07:23, November 3rd 2017. I'm controlling my allergy, it's not really cold outside but.. i always have a cold in the morning and almost every-after showering. I know.. many people experienced the same thing, but it's nauseating me. And the most annoying symptoms is when rhinitis recurs all of sudden at midnight. I can't get any signs, it just happened for a few minutes and then leave. All i got to do is just drink more water.

New rent house in 23. It's normal. Maybe, another kidds are already married. But i'm one of them who not marry yet. And it's not a big problem, for me, at least. I don't care if they are hoping marriage on me soon. I can't promise when. I know, it's not a good topic right. I'm not sure i can continue my writings if i already have my own family, except my future husband is cool. Cool and gorgeous LOL.

It's lifted me up. This kind of activity. Is it too plain ? I mean, i almost always being a honest person to anything and anyone. This blog is included. I live a very respectful life. I don't wanna be rude, don't wanna hurt someone's feelings except they bother me first. 

♫Ben Lee - Love Me Like the World is Ending

Ben Lee, repeating.. 

"Stay sane" that's what Gita Savitri told earlier this year. She is positive, one of my favorite human in this world. I don't know what to say, but i have few, no, not just a few, but almost all of her thoughts are similar with mine. I feel connected since the first time i visit her blog. If you guys ever blogwalking, youtube addict, or NET lovers, you must know her too. She's very positive and it's just wow.