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Monday, August 7, 2017

Things to do when get bored

I think i had posted few times about how to get rid of bored or things to do when you get bored. Honestly, i never bored. Which, in Bahasa we say it "bosan". I just don't know what good things to do to eliminate/avoid negative thinking in my hard times except prayers. I mean, i want to do something good for myself, an effective ways to make a better version of me, how to always be positive even in my hard times. If you wanna know my situation right now.. i don't have a job now. 

Maybe, it's been a year or so. I think it's not a big deal at the beginning, but now, my family are starting to worry about it. Is it about making money or any else, i don't know. I enjoy my life before. Save money to bought music and recording stuff, make some music covers, blogging. For me, these kind of activities are investment too. I'm earn some money, i believe. But maybe, they just don't know, don't get idea what i'm doing now. I don't want to explain anything too, except my music activities such as practice guitar, song writing, or go practice with my band, which is more visible in eyes.

I never bored. Maybe now, i'm just suppressed and not healthy. But this is what i want to share. This morning, now is 6:40 a.m. I'm still on my bed, listening Angus & Julia Stone, their style is so me. See, i enjoy being just and with myself. But again, i want to share things to do whenever you get bored, suppressed, want to eliminate negative thinkings, etc. But remember one thing outside these, prayer.
  • Watch YouTube. I will go to live performance of my favorite bands, or new indie bands. You may check Beauty Handsome band, it is my favorite one from South Korea. I recently also googling about Bad Romance (K-indie band). Listening to their songs is like seeing dreams come true. It boost me.
  • Watch a movie. I recently watch a movie and K-drama too. But my genre is always drama, romance. Which has happy endings, but most of them are half happy, half sad. I don't know how to say it.  You always get a value or solution of the problem in a movie. 
  • Clean my bedroom. I did it 2 weeks ago before i get ill. I share a room with my 2 brothers, but i don't really be there often. I only have my cupboard and my desk there, where i placed books, soundcard, and my guitar too. 
  • Read a book. I have some books that i never done read. I take one of them when i had hard time, broken-hearted, it's right time to read a novel. I used to take 'em into my tiny bag, bring it wherever i go. For me, books are good companion. I read a survey result said that reading a book could store age; membaca dapat memperpanjang usia. Just google it. 
  • Listen to John Mayer's songs. I am a big fan of Mayer. I listen to his songs whenever i get down. I think the lyrics are really good to make me grateful. 
  • Song writing practice. Maybe, it's an exception. Except you are songwriter or musician, practice is good option. Sometimes you need sad feelings to write. I've done many lyrics, but i can't find the good one to publish as a song. Once i heard that lyrics are never be done. I agree with that. 
  • Visit . This tips i got from another website. Unsubscribe all unwanted emails, clean your inbox. Sometimes i want to get any emails everyday, but i don't know.. only important emails or from the closest one. But email is sensitive thing. I care about it enough. 

  • Take a walk. I want to explore the city more. More about nature and light adventure. I believe this is good thing to do. To eliminate your boredom. Get fresh air and enjoy the rest of the day watch sunset and have a snacks with your brothers maybe. My friend told me to bring headset, so i can listen to great tracks while watching the sunset. 
  • Cooking. Honestly, i really want to learn more about cooking. Pastry is my weakness. I interest in cooking main course. Daily's cuisine. But i can said that cooking is easy thing. You can cook, everyone can. Just by check the recipe and try it out. And be used to it. Once my late father said, "when you don't know how much you should put the sugar, salt, or any ingredients, use your instinct". 
  • Do the experiment. "Experiment" is kinda heavy for me. That word is came from my friend Gilang when he offered me to make music together spontaneously. So, maybe the right words is music experiment. Now i'm trying out to make song cover instrumental from one of Indonesia's movie soundtrack. I agree with "you'll never know til u try".
  • Drink coffee. I personally not really like coffee but sometimes i need it. I'm curious how the taste of original coffee at coffee shop. I really want to visit klinik kopi, which is located in Samarinda. I don't know, maybe if Balikpapan also has great and cheap coffee shop, i will come with pleasure. I only consume instant coffee maybe 2-3 times a month. 
  • Photograph everything you like. I interest to photograph more about chinese housing. Like a temple, monasteries, ancient places, that has more traditional values in it. Photograph it and share it to Instagram, Tumblr, Blog, or any else.
Now, i'm out of my stress and hard time after did a few things above. The most important thing is prayer and effort to be better :) Have a nice life folks.