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Monday, June 19, 2017

#3 Searchings: When I Come Back to Balikpapan One Day

When i come back to Balikpapan one day, i don't want to stay at home too long. I want to wake up earlier and jog/workout in different yards every week. When i finished saving for a treadmill, i will buy it. I want to shoping at traditional market two times a week, hypermart once a week and never let my refrigerator empty anymore. I will fill it with can drinks, snacks, and chocolates. I will buy some fruits, 'cause i like fruits so much.

I want to cycling from my house into the city beach every weekend and capture some spots with my little camera, maybe find a guy who i used to see in the back 2 years ago. A guy who always wore a black snapback and cycling around merdeka yard every Sunday morning and ended with a beach view, listening some tracks on his phone. 

When i come back to Balikpapan, i want to manage a little modiste store with my mom. I want to open a cafe with chocolate cakes and drinks as its main menu. I want to have little music store, selling music accessories online. I want to sing at cafes once a week, bring my microphone and guitar. I want to busking from cafe to cafe, i will go to Samarinda and other cities in Borneo. I want to join photography and musician community when i come back here. Doing what i wanted since a long time ago. I want to join gardening community and plant some vegetables, fruits and flowers at my house yard.

"I'm a daydreamer, night thinker, i'm a human. I write all i wanted here, i want many big great things happen in my life. Imagine is free. Do it, make it happen. Follow your dreams."