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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sheryl Sheinafia at Pop Avenue Balikpapan

I bought two Pop Avenue 5 days-pass 2 weeks before the event started. So i got cheaper ticket than the normal price/on the spot ticket. This is my first time coming to bazaar/pop market, at least in 2 years. And also, i want to see Sheryl in person and sing along with others who attended this music area tonight! FYI, there’s 2 areas, bazaar and music area. It located on 5th floor, rooftop parking building of SAMS airport. If i’m not mistaken, this is 2nd time they held an event there. It’s quite far from my house, about 10,4 km. We didn’t come on the first day, but we used those tickets for day 2. 

*duhcapekhabisnontonSheryl, capekpakeEnglish*

Hari pertama dan kedua hiburan musiknya di isi sama band lokal dan juga DJ. Hari ke-3 ada Jaz Hayat, hari ke-4 ada Sheryl, dan hari terakhir ada Finest Tree, which is aku ngga kenal siapa mereka, but besok tetap harus dateng, karena sayang kalo nggak di pake tiketnya.

Pop Avenue, bazaarnya banyak mini van gitu, booth/stan makanan dan minuman, ada juga pakaian. We just tried three booths so far. Chrisve Klapatart, Chang Tea sama Kobayaki (my friend’s stall). I interested to shoot some edges but i have a problem with my eyes, i didn’t bring my glasses. So these what i got so far, and i wasn’t quite satisfied.

Chang Tea Balikpapan

Sheryl On Stage