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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#2 Searchings : May

It's 0:08 a.m
Now i'm sitting on the kitchen's chair, writing, no, typing. Typing on my phone. This is so rare. No notebook's keyboard sounds, just ticking clock. No earphone, no music, but i can't stop my right leg shaking just like when you follow the beat of song you listen to. Hot chocolate milk, green pajamas, and sleepy eyes.

5 hours before
Welcome, May. This evening was cold for me. Not only today but a couple days ago. Like yesterday, when i went to cargo terminal to picked up my new guitar. Cold wind break through my bones and my right leg chilled and had cramp. It’s about ten kilometers between airport and my house. But i’m pretty sure it was fast. More speed, extra cold wind. *thumbs up*

When you live in Borneo, you would be experienced with warm and hot weather a lot. And you will miss rainy days. But when it comes rainy days, where some point will be flooded area, people will also complain. I’m not one of them, honestly, i’m happy when it rains. I’m telling about rain and cold weather is not means i hate it, i talk to myself about it because i love it. Rain can bring back a thousand of memories for me. I remember when i rode my bike went home after taking care my father at hospital. I was crying and i kept talking in my head. About this and that. I tried to stay focus. There’s many words in my head. And i think it was my first year create a song lyric. But i don’t know why i can’t make it done. It shouldn’t done though but i really wanted to make one for my father. There’s a lot of songs, i ended crying every time i sang them. Look, how far rain and cold wind brought me, with the memory. I’m afraid to lose anyone in my life, we only have one life in earth, so.. be grateful of everything has done. Grateful is main gate of happiness.

By the way, I really wanted to get a chance to go out at midnight, in this city or another one. Maybe i would call a friend to accompany me. I love riding at night. When there’s lights everywhere, sky full of stars, nice air temperature. I hope this city and the people will be better in handling air pollution. Besides it, Balikpapan is clean and peaceful city, we called it.

Searchings in May
12 hours ago // 11:55 p.m
I'm reading a book. New book that i bought 1 year ago, online. There's one thing happened when i have book on my hand/bag. It means broken heart. I don't know why, novel is the right option when i was too low. Like searching and finding an answer from other's life. Even if it's a fiction story, it always succeed fix my heart. Ballad songs, books, and a cup of coffee. Perfect. And also, it's raining outside.

Track : Yesung - 그대뿐인지 (All But You)