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Friday, February 10, 2017

Mind & The City 4 // Forgotten Draft

(Entri ini sebenarnya draft di bulan November 2016. Aku baru inget kalau ada Mind & The City dan lupa posting yang ke-4 3 bulan yang lalu. Italic words dibawah ini apa yang aku sudah tulis di bulan november lalu, sisanya baru aku tulis bulan Februari 2017 ini. Isinya mungkin ngga nyambung. But i hope you like it.)

Forgotten Draft / Changing

Hi. This is Mind & The City number 4. The last part i've written was 3 months ago and now i'm back! So, what happened in 3 months in my life ? Maybe, they may say nothing, but for me there's always progress and change. Maybe, we getting to know more about ourselves, maybe our friends, and our partner. The reason i didn't post Mind & The City maybe because i was not alone at that time, and can be said now i'm alone. Not feeling alone, but choose to be alone for now. And this is not an escape 'caused by loneliness. I don't know, i feel more free when i'm alone and not be in any relationship. Sometimes relationship could make a border to restrict your activities (this is for me). And lucky me, that he can understand me. And the reverse of the loneliness, i prefer to share happiness and get freedom.

Hm, this part is kinda different with the previous one, on this post i'll share some tips what you can do, before you start working/get any job. You know, sometimes waiting for job call is boring or something make you want to scream. But you just can't do it. Stuck in here, staring at the same window, sending your resume, wait for the call, run out the money. And that's what happen to me right now, meh, this time, this moment, so sad. But sad is temporary though, so let's get start what we can do (especially if you are single) :
  • Take a walk. Walking around your house, around the city park, around the big field, or you can call it jogging ? I'm okay with "take a walk". 
  • Ah, it's kinda hard cuz i'm not single now. Let's just skip it maybe ?
Okay, now we're already in February. Tomorrow i get to sing for the first time this year with a band. Honestly, not my official band, just temporary. I think 2017 will be my music year. I plan about take any opportunities to sing and play music. anywhere. 그냥.. i loved it. Hehe.

Ah~ i become a different person these days i think. 'Cause when i read my Mind & The City, i feel sad. Glad to know that i'm neutral now. Oh ya, have you fill the form ? Let me know if some of you want me to do something new in my blog, by answering question. You can click *Questionnaire* around the blog header. Big thanks! I'll update MnTC every 3 months, may i ? Have a nice day :)