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Friday, February 10, 2017

Gedachten // 23:00

Some of us might be hoping
That.. what happened today is just a dream or a nightmare ?
Maybe, one thing we have done today is the most uncomfortable thing
But maybe that's how this life help us to be better

Some of us maybe tired of working, waiting, but never tired of playing
As long as we do not do it too much, God will always bless us
Everyday i live, it taught me something 
Like today, today is just a beginning, tomorrow always be mystery
But because we could believe in ourself that we can do it
Don't worry, tomorrow will be a different day, but everything's gonna be okay

I don't talk much, i prefer writing, like this
But i also like it, when i talk to myself with no voice
Just like a naration in a movie.. 
The words, flowing through my head
And as i think about that
I realize that 'life' is a very wonderful gift

How can we surrender ?
How can we ruin our life by doing something stupid ?
We have a thousand reasons and so many ways to make it better
I give up myself though, but i know when and how to get up
Do you ?

I can't say that i'm happy right now..
That i'm here, writing into my blog, i just want to thank my life
I became who i am today, i've been looking forward to this moment
That i'm not afraid anymore, 'cause i already know how to beat my big doubt
It makes me want to try, be better and better