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Saturday, February 4, 2017

ANYONE CAN JOIN // 8 Weeks Walking Program

Honestly, i have been planning about this since a long time. I wanted to run regularly but it felt so heavy. You know right, after graduation, most of us are so rarely to exercise. Feels so heavy to do that. Either because we don't have time (can't manage our time well), no friends to do it with, or just lazy. For me,  that's a worst thing. Because you know, as a teenager or lil bit older than them, we need to move more. At least to move enough in a day. But if you have a free time at weekend, lucky you can do exercise. For me, run is the coolest activity. Why ? It's not because i'm fast at run. Reversely,  when i was in elementary school, even high school, i was a bad runner. And i was quite annoyed with that. I'm sure y'all have heard "the biggest enemy is your own self". I agree with that, that's why i want to do this. 

I really want to be healthier and have an ideal body.

In 2013-2015 i had unwanted weight, about 55 or more kg. I forgot the number, 55 or 56. And the worst part is my belly and cheek. It was so annoying. I am like "God, what i've done ?" But i think in early of 2015 i lost my weight, it was the time when my father had gone. I also have done indoor routine exercise but maybe because i made a mistake, i suffered from back pain/a waist ache for months. So sick! Even when i laugh or sneezing. The pain is come from the inside. I took a therapy after that because it was the last option.. And after three times therapy, they healed me. (Not an ad, i came to Choyang for a treatment. It is an alternative treatment from Korea, it's free.) I had twice suffered from back pain and i don't want to have it anymore. 2016 is the luckiest year. I've lost much weight. Last time (December 2016) when i took medical test, my weight is 48 kg. Yeay! I almost there! 

Nah, like i said before, run exercise routine is not easy for me, then i thought that if i switch to 'just walk' it might be a lil lighter and not too hard to commit with that. Sometimes, different word can easily change the suggestion. So, i want to share here my schedule. You can get more style, simply googling it hehe. I will post my step count later after 8 weeks. Thanks for coming!