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Friday, December 16, 2016


This is so rare. Might be the first time.
I want to make it little bit special. This is about my best friend.
Since she is my friend from high school, it means, we've been friends for a long time; 6 years. 
I want to express my feeling here, 'cause i am bad at express my heart directly to anyone.

So, we're friends since in high school and i was quite close to her family, means i was quite often visit her house. 'Til finally i had to move to Balikpapan right after graduation. Since then we rarely communicated. I forgot how it happened. I was busy with my study and as did she. 

And this year, i think we become close again. And it just happen like that. Just like the first time we met, this time is also like that. Of course there's a reason that make us back. It's not easy for me to collecting memories, but i remember that it's one of the best story i have in my life. Knowing that there's someone has the same vision in life and supporting me as well. Even sometimes they can't express it directly. I know that she has it in her heart. I really appreciate it. I just want to make everything's alright, since i made a lot mistakes in the past. Gaining acceptance from my best friend is a relief. 

"I want to apologize for i ever leave you in the past. It's too late to know and it's too late to apologize. I always late for you. But even i can't always be there, i always support you.  I will be glad if we could be friends for many years again."

And what's good news ?! She has graduated from college, just graduated in December, 15th 2016. I really wanted to be there and say "congratulation" directly, give a hug, take a picture. But i can't make it. My heart was little bit hurt. Everyone loves her. Seems everyone came to her graduation and i didn't. But honestly, i'm very happy and relieved she has passed one more phase in her life. It will be a beginning. 

Mery, IF you read this.. I wish you good luck after this graduation. Get your ideal job, love what you do, be happy, find the 'one', your ideal guy and the last, i hope you MOVE here... And we can go eating to favorite cafes and resto, everyday! Yay! *mimpi*

This is your request. I'm not good at drawing. 
This is my first time to draw again this year, for you.


졸업 축하해!
(congrats on your graduation!)
It's best i can create tonight. Hope you like it. 
I'm happy to have a friend like you and also as a sister, 
you always be the best at joking and make me laugh.