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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

what i've been doing // the main project

I didn't work at office/for any company for about 8 months. Back 2 years ago, i easily get stress when i wasn't get any job, but now it's a relief. This is what i've been plan since long time. Which is like work from home, work with my hobbies more than ever, and make my own time alone more. I can do what i wanted and being a little boss. Now i teach basic guitar technique, it's like private course for basic acoustic guitar lesson. I also produce snacks and ice cream.  Aaand my main project is online boutique with my mom. InshaaAllah we will buy a space for our collection soon.

It's been a year since we talked about making an online clothes shop and i decided to make it little bit different, that's why now we called it online boutique. There's a few reason why i choose this (an online business). First, because it's low budget. Secondly, because a life these days become easier with internet like we shopping online, order here and there, pay online, and then courier come to our place, deliver our orders. Simple, faster, easy, and sometimes you know, cheaper.

Two, why it has to be a boutique ? This is the main reason. Because i knew it is my mom's interest. My mom designing, sewing, and receive any tailoring services by early 97's. So, i wanted to make her work seen and be known by many people, wider network and named it officially. We are going to start online beforehand.

I am now on a process this and that, like almost 75% of process. Halfway! Just stay tune, i hope you guys like our products later. We also possibly need colleagues to work with us later. Have a nice day :)