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Friday, August 12, 2016

Mind and The City 2 // Memos

7:03 PM
"Pretending to be happy is not a good option when people have a trouble in their life, in this case.. me. I can't remember how many times i fall and i get up. However, 'up and down' in life is a normal thing. And we as a human could take one or two of many options that offered by this life(God) to us. To solve the problem happens, to give up, to be more patient, to keep struggling. But pretending to be happy is kind of tell a lie. However, i will never choose to be sad. A lie isn't always bad, sometimes it works for our good. Definitely we know ourself well. Nobody could know except you and God. This is why when (you or) i have problem, only God and myself who can solve it. We can try & struggle, and to God, we can pray for it. It's simple life. We already made a decision to became a human, so this is the challenge. I won't give up, you won't give up, people couldn't give up."

9:00 PM
"Life is temporer. As well as our condition, our feeling. Nothing lasts forever. So, i think we don't need to cry too much and happy too much. Just try to balance it. Everything is temporary. What we need is to be thankful. In my opinion, our breath is more than enough. I never imagine about  become criminal, or bad. 'Cuz nothing than i can do except be thankful and love my family. Again, love is never enough. I want to give them more happiness, i want to bring it in my big family, i want to guarantee their life, i wanted them to be always in good condition, and all of it we called goodness. All we wanted is goodness for our life. I never hate people. I hate people who do not treat their family well. They forgot who brought them into this life. God and their family. I don't understand with people's mind set these days. They wasted their time, day by day. Maybe, i also with them but i really wanted to change and i am in my way. I wanted to tell my family that i really care. I will make it. Just let me make more time. I am gonna do it, i always try."