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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mind and The City 3 // Travel Or Live Abroad ?

Travel Or Live Abroad ?

"Have you ever been plan to live abroad ? I did. About 3 or 4 years ago, i planned to live in Singapore. Have a little house, close to the main street and plant some flowers in front of my house. Looks like simple life. But i don't know these days seems i bringing my little dreams down, changing it to bigger plan. It stay simple but maybe nobody can guess it. But i have strong conviction about it. Once i wanted to forget it, but i remember that i really wanted this dream happen since i was a kid.. very very young."

Travelling is in my list. You can see my list under on my blog's menu. I believe in my dreams that it going to come true if i'm doing my big plan. I need so much effort on it. 'cause i never been done it before, i'm so excited and also half afraid. If you're being asked to travel or live abroad, what will you choose ? My cousin answering like this "I will choose to live abroad. When we live abroad, we also can travelling". It was a good answer. What do you think about it ? 

For close time, i prefer to travel surround Indonesia. I don't have specific place list or what-to-do, where-to-go. Same as my vision to travel abroad, i want to travel with all my soul and my habits. Maybe, we get to adapt with new place and new people but the most important to me is when i travel, i want to feel like i'm not a tourist, i live here.