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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mind and The City 1 // Midnight Mind

Midnight Mind

I'm done eating my spaghetti. It's 10:45 PM. I'm so full now. I really want to sleep like right now but i gotta brush my teeth and wash my face first. I don't know when i will start sleep earlier. Maybe when i get new job ? I've been thinking about having a job again, after i decided to not work for local company anymore.. I wanted to do my online business only. It really makes my brain thinking hard. However.. i already send my application letter to some companies. And i have feeling that in this two weeks i will get call. 

How is your day ? My day was so ordinary. Stay at home is kind of activity that i loved the most in this world. Having time with mom, watching TV, write for my blog, cooking some dishes. One thing that i really wanted to do is learn how to keep our house clean and comfortable. 'Cause honestly.. i can't explore this house yet, it's not our permanent house. So this is also one of reason i gotta work again. 
  1. To get extra money to run our business. 
  2. To buy new (permanent) house in Balikpapan. 

Yes, i know that's impossible to find right house in the close time but i think i can start saving by now. I gotta start from very beginning and that's okay. I'm happy that my old self back again. It's not high expectation, it's real dream. It's 10:53 PM already. Let's sleep. Good night, pray and have your nice dream.