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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

If You Want to Find Best Escape

I mean, if you get enough stress in your city, i don't think it's dramatic life. It happens to everyone here and there, then you should take a break. I don't work at any company right now, not yet again. Maybe it's easy for me to go outside city, but don't take it hard, you can also do that (what you love) when you know yourself well. It's not easy for me though, to move house several times, i think Balikpapan is the best home.

I always plan, i want to take many pictures before i go somewhere but i didn't really do it. Recently i read about the difference between tourist and traveller. And they said that tourist take many photos, traveller take a naps. I did what traveller do. Like an escape. I didn't take a vacation, i enjoy the journey, i love the changes of the city and my friends. I love their stories how this life stay the same or took a big change. I watched the sky, i love the rain and the sun. But honestly, i also love to take picture but sometimes i forgot. 

So, i just get back from Samarinda, Tenggarong and Loa Kulu (Kutai Kartanegara). 

I know it's hurt to know that everything is not the same anymore when i come back to the place before, but i always hope it will be better than before and become a better place to me to relief all my pain and my sadness. I never regret that i've been there, 'cause everything there.. is so meant to me. Condition changed, people changed, but their heart is still the same. Even if they doesn't really show it up and i always hide my feeling, but it's enough to know that there's still a place for us to comeback. Even not for forever, even only for an hour. 

The faces, the bodies might change, the heart won't change. 

And i am feeling sooo good. I will make precious time in this city and find the other escapes. Have a nice day people in internet!