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Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Enjoy Your Life


First, let yourself free. I think i become more happy and "light" this year. Idk, sometimes little problems attacks me together and make me stress but i can handle it more easy nowadays. Just think of something make me happy and enjoy my time. Remember that i don't really need to keep bad values happen in my life, such as anger, stress, depression. Maybe, it often happen to introvert persons but idk. But the only one who know to handle it, is yourself. So, don't let the devil persuade you to do bad things for yourself in your life. 

Many bad things comes and good things gone, but it doesn't always like that you know, just take it easy. Do your hobbies and keep do something useful at least for yourself. Remember that good things take time. 

I just check my facebook, i don't really active on it but sometimes i need to check the timeline and messages. Sign in, and i see facebook put a box on the top of timeline. It contain with what happened in the previous year at today (same date as today). I was interested in check 'em, smells like 'very' me. Last year, i posted a status like this :

It was surprising. I even can't remember why i wrote that to public. Embarrassing cuz i was look like someone confused with her life. But at the same time, reminds me of the very original Tyas, honest, optimist, can't be break. Wow, it doesn't mean i already changed now. I am just become more "light", more simple, still very optimist but only keep it inside, and the others. Maybe it's not important, get to know me, tell about myself on my own blog, but i loved it. This is my hobby and it makes me more alive, real, and happy enough. Remember you don't have to be too happy. Don't be too happy if you don't want to be too sad, get it? 
So.. What's/how i enjoy my life :
  1. Sometimes you have to think seriously , but take it easy
  2. Smile, it helps
  3. Meet your family and friends, chat with them, it's modern world nothing is impossible to communicate each other
  4. If you don't have much money, take a vacation! Free vacation like watch sunset or sunrise. Go to crowd places, chill at the beach, play guitar at the city park, bring your camera and capture the clouds and other things that you never try before but free.
  5. Read a book, read a novel, read articles, magazine, newspaper, READ.
  6. Meet your family (again), MEET. For me, family is one reason why i should live well. They will ask what your activity, where do you work, how is your life. Like they always want us to be in good condition like their hopes. And they will pray for us, little or much. 
  7. Learn new things. Recently, i learn how to mastering vocal and guitar on free application I apologize, cuz i downloaded free version. Lol. Even it's not a new thing but i need to learn more, still not learn professional app, choosing the easy one. Ok, to be honest i'm learning on Adobe Audition CC 2015 now. Pffff
  8. This is the hardest point to do, i still can't manage it well. It's take workout. Jogging, walking, cycling, anything. I choose jogging or walking twice a week in the early morning, i hope i can start it again, soon.. and ofc with the right schedule. 
  9. Watch RUNNING MAN. I'm serious.
  10. Come to the traditional market, and look at all of the seller/trader/pedagangnya. How hard the life is. Be grateful, this is our life. Got the different portion and ways, be thankful and enjoy your life. Aku sekarang nggak bisa berlama-lama di pasar, karna ga tega liat pedagang yang sudah tua-tua. But my mom told me, those are their job, it's okay.
  11. Sedekah, give alms.
  12. Help people, ada kepuasaan dan rasa senang tersendiri kalau kita bisa bantu orang lain. Bahkan dengan do'a.
Cerita sedikit, sekitar sebulan yang lalu waktu saya keluar dari parkiran mall balcony Balikpapan, di pinggir jalan ada nenek-nenek jalan sambil megang gelas aqua bekas berisi air. Aku sudah lewat, tapi putar balik buat liat lagi. Setelah itu, stop di pinggir jalan di depan nenek tadi ada mobil parkir, aku berenti didepan mobil dan memperhatikan gerak-gerik penampilan nenek tadi yang duduk di bawah pohon. Pakaiannya lusuh, badannya bungkuk, dan tangannya gemetaran memegang gelas tadi sambil minum. Di dekat kakinya ada tas dan plastik. Ngga tau isinya apa. Ya Allah. Sedih banget. Berapa menit aku perhatiin lewat kaca spion. Menit selanjutnya aku tutup kaca helmku. Aku mau kasih berapa, aku nggak bisa, uangku juga terbatas. Nggak bisa apa-apa, hidupkan motor lagi dan lanjut jalan pulang. Sebelumnya mampir ke toko kabel, mau beli kabel data printer yang murah, karna urgent. Dan karyawannya heran ngeliatin terus. Aku belum sempat liat di cermin, yang aku rasain sepanjang jalan mata perih, kepala nyeri, hidung merah. Aku nangis. Nangis karna nggak tega liat nenek tadi dan nggak bisa bantu. Kemana sih anaknya! Kenapa aku nggak bisa kasih apa-apa! I was like a fool, seriously.

But ...hmm. I hope prayer is more than enough. I have weak heart, it was hurt and i cry while i was riding home. I really want to be success person and give an impact in this state, especially in economic part. Help people, help us to be motivated. That life should be big, great, with the unpretentious manner.

"Hidup tidak boleh sederhana. Hidup harus jadi besar dan hebat, yang harus sederhana adalah sikapnya" - EJF (my friend's quote).