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Thursday, April 14, 2016

0:29 AM

Hi people of the internet! Sudah lama nggak kemana-mana dan nggak gimana-gimana. Actually, i'm taking a break from any relationship or anything related to it OR jauhan sama yang namanya baper. And also have no certain activity but quality time with my family. No hang out, never go to the cinema, lunch or dinner with friend, not busy at all. But last time i remember, hang out with Nina, we went to  Isyana Explore! Album Promo Meet N Greet at Pentacity mall Balikpapan. It was on last week. Honestly i am not a big fan of Isyana, but we were standing at the center of her fans, enjoying her music and performance and joined the euphoria too. And after that, idk, i did googling and try to get any information about Isyana, 'cuz i love her music genre after i watched her directly with my eyes and so close. The music is easy listening and easy to remember. She sang 4 songs, maybe.. cuz i forgot. 

So, i'm officially a new fan of Isyana. Actually, i have so many new favorite songs. But, went to meet and greet last 2 weeks ago was a highlight. By the way, it's rain outside, heavy rain, and i am the only one who stay up now. So.... yah. Our label is done. What should i call it with? Label baju, label ribbon, or anything. It's mean that our business will get started this month! I hope it start as soon as possible. Not too excited but really happy with that. You know, eventhough miss the target but i am happy i'm still doing it without any pressure. And maybe also because this is the family project, no pressure, doing with honesty, predilection and happiness! And of course, i still have the other plans to do. I always check my list and update if it's needed. Okay, i'm done. I will keep update my blog with another entry, kpop chords, Balikpapan unique spots, and product review if i have enough money to buy new stuff kkkk. Have a nice day, have a nice dream tonight!