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Friday, March 18, 2016

What's Your Favorite Social Media ?

I bet nobody would read this post, but i will be happy if you want to read this. Exactly, i really want to do VLOG (by the way) but i have no questions or any certain activity now (who am i ?). But i will do it soon.

What social media do you got ? I got 5 apps on my phone right now, 6 if BBM is also counted. So i got 5 social media that i still use often. Instagram, Facebook, LINE, whatsapp (messenger), BBM (messenger). I don't use Twitter anymore, i have 1 account but it's for my future online shop. I loved tweeting but I just can't focus on many things. Instagram is my favourite now, since the beginning of 2015, i've been active or continously update there. Exactly, i don't really like chating. BBM is for my family and close friends. LINE, for my friends and new acquintances, Facebook which is i still use until right now.. is for my business and media to communicate to my high school friends, abroad friends..and yeah like that.

I just want few close friend to chat with me. Karena kita jauhan, so yeah messenger is work with us. I'm not texting or call, except it's urgent. I think it's GET TO KNOW ME post (about Social Media), but just skip it.
I'm still doing cover of some korean songs. And currently i uploaded my acoustic cover of Crush feat Taeyeon - Don't Forget. It available on YouTube and Soundcloud. Hope you guys dig it and let's be friend :)

Here it is.