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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's My Activity These Days ?

9:40 in the morning.

So, it's been a while since my job contract ended on last December. January, february, then now is March. I also did some psycho-tests, passed step 1 and 2 in apply job vacancies. But they don't give any call again. So, i have time to chill (again) now. No vacation, no hangout, just normal activity. Spending time, I :
  • Play guitar
  • Make lyrics
  • Compose new song
  • Singing practice
  • I bought Samson Go Mic again, after my C03U sold
  • Bought Anderson AFE12N 1/2 (a local guitar) ; i am going to do a review of it
  • Prepare to online shop opening in April, ordering the clothes label

Exactly i have hard time these days, because the idleness, i got no money T.T so sad. 2 month unemployed is pain. But i just need to look other accomplishments. Such as my YouTube, my blog, souncloud, and so on. It is a investment for the future i think. I still wishing to be an artist (in Bahasa:seniman).

About songs which i composing these days, i will record them soon. Wish me luck, get a great chance, maybe a perfect  studio to record. Since i was offered about free recording last year from someone (i will tell about it later). I am going to take that opportunity since i almost finish my lyrics. One song and one MV is more than enough. I still keep it quiet until i'm writing down here now. Wah, i'm excited (need to control my feeling too).

And about searching a job, honestly i'm tired and don't want to do that anymore. But i always try to apply every job vacancy, looking for chance i can get. Wish me luck again for this. I will keep doing it, at least this year. So, i can help others again and be happy. Keep up to date on my blog guys, i will do a review of Anderson AFE12N 1/2, which maybe gonna be the very first review on the internet that you can find easily on Google. See ya! Have a nice day.

Update : 12:02PM
I just open my email and receive a message from someone who i mentioned above, who last year offered me to record my songs at his studio. Sadly, when i read his message he said : "..all my recording instrument at the studio has been sold..." and.. yeah. It just lil bit disappointed. But maybe the chance is already gone. I will save money for it by the way and learn how record better like how to make one good song to be heard.