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Monday, March 21, 2016

[Review] Anderson AFE-12-N 1/2

It's my very first time buying electro acoustic guitar directly at a music store. It was difficult to find good store in my town, they offering expensive prices, higher than normal price. I can't understand why this city has high living cost T.T maybe there's some reasons.

I wanted to buy electro acoustic guitar, local or international brand. But i wanted to have one for the best price too, about under $155 (Rp. 2.000.000). I searched it for a week after my last guitar sold at OLX. I browsed the information from the distributors. Citra Intirama, MG Music, Nuansa Musik. I wanted to buy Cort AF510E but it is out of stock at Gramedia. I think they give a nice price every end of the year and big event. But AF510E is kinda rare now. So i moved to Cort SFXE for higher price. I falling in love with the sunburst one. Beautiful colour, beautiful body. But then i changed my mind again. What i really need is smaller guitar(for travelling) like Martin LX1E or Taylor Baby BT2E, but the cheaper one. Taylor GS Mini, oh God, still the most favorite.

Then, finally I bought Anderson AFE12N 1/2 (means 1/2 size of full body dreadnought AFE12N). I love dreadnought and concert body (without cutaway). I falling in love with this 3/4 guitar when i went to the store, was checking the Cort. I don't know whether it's local or international.. But the quality is fine with the budget, Rp. 1.325.000,- after quite sharp bargain. Hoho.

Okay, switching to Bahasa. Sayangnya, mereka tidak menyertakan(menghadiahkan) case apapun. Di dalam kardus bonusnya adalah kunci L untuk mengatur truss rod (besi pada neck) dan kabel... (what's?) Kabel jack gitar. Mungkin itu namanya. Kalau pake mobil, enak gan tinggal beli gitarnya doang. Karena aku naik motor (sendiri) jadi beli case sementara casenya gitar classic Yamaha. Harganya 50 ribu. Kalau mau case biasa yang lebih murah bisa cek di toko sports and music yang biasa jual alat-alat olahraga, pancing, gitar, lengkap itu. Bisa ditawar sepertinya. Kalau mau pesan/order case or gig bag bisa langsung di tokonya, prosesnya kurang lebih 3 minggu dengan harga sekitar Rp 300.000, harga bisa berubah sesuai pesanan. 

What I love about this guitar (kelebihan) :
  • Body kecil, pas untuk cewek, gampang dibawa kemana aja.
  • Top Spruce, back&side mahogany, bridge rosewood, fretboard rosewood, senar 0,11.
  • Playability pas.
  • Harga murah, spek standar bagus.
 I also want to give a recommendation about best budget small electro acoustic guitar. Here the list :
  1. Yamaha APXT2
  2. Cort Earth Mini F Adirondack
  3. Taylor Baby BT2E
  4. Martin LX1E
  5. If you have really low budget, you should try Anderson AFE12N 1/2, a nice local small guitar.

I named my guitar AVE.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Have fun, have a nice day! 
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