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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quick 'Searching' to Taman Lalu Lintas

Today, i did another 'daypacking' and do you know what i brought inside my bag. It was Travellous book, make-up pouch, flashdisk (K-Drama & my application letter), handphone (of course, since my mom bring my camera for reunion party), and wallet. Well, it's not important. The highlight is finally i did it! And it's quiet far from my house. This park is located in South Balikpapan. It's about 30 minutes riding motorcycle from center of the city. And i was curious since couple years ago about this park. 

When i arrived there (alone), many childrens were playing there. This park has unique taste. Located close to police office (just some steps from this park you can see police office). Taman Lalu Lintas, unique. Okay, i was so excited but i loved this place for seriously haha. 

This park has so many gates. I didn't count it but maybe about 5 gates. This park has been builded just like traffic. Yeah, since its name was Traffic Park. You can see traffic light and the other traffic signs also the traffic board at one of park's corner. This park is not too big but a cozy place to chill out. Maybe you can buy some sneaks and drinks, reading favorite books or listening to good music. I was play Justin Bieber - Been You and Paramore - Ain't It Fun, without headset.

Let's take a look. All photos are taken with Xiaomi Redmi 2. *it would be long scrolling*

Alinea Indonesia

Friendship Mood

Traffic Sign Board

Sandals Again

*NP: John Mayer - No Such A Thing