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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Forgot to Say Goodbye

I forgot to say goodbye to 2015, where i got happiness, sadness, lost, gifts, everything. Well, maybe i didn't prepare much for it, for the new year. But, however i have to say thank you for everything happened in last year. Alhamdulillah. 

Honestly, there's so many stories i want to tell here but.. i don't know where to start. And if a couple months ago, i got an approbbation.. from someone who read my post about to-do-list, he said that my blog is a medicine. I'm happy to hear that and very happy if my blog can heal someone anyplace. And now, i want to keep doing that. Maybe, abit or much, what i wrote here can accompany your day when you get down or when you blogwalking, wanna find the super normal (maybe boring) post, yeah i hope my blog still help.

Yeah you know, 2015 was not easy year for me and maybe for somebody out there too. But i don't want to sink into sadness. Let's talk about my last job in the last year of 2015. In October, right after i did a touring with Supermoto Balikpapan, with an accident happened to my new friend.. I got a job interview in a local company. And five days after that, i came again for my first day work. I met 6 co-workers there (in my office placement). Seems they are the same age with me. And awkward moment already gone after 2-3 days later. They were so nice and 'crazy', two things that made we wanted to stay longer. But, yeah you know i can't 'cause our contract was only for 2 months. 

After a half of month and later, new workers came in. Of course, our contract date is not same. So, some peoples still work there now and the rest of it was quit (contract ended).

Aku nggak tau apa nanti bakalan ketemu lagi dengan orang-orang seperti mereka. Nice and crazy. Lol. Mungkin karena kita seumuran. Aku dekat sama semuanya, can chose one. And we really love taking photos, selfie. There's about 400+ photos in the computer since the first day we worked. Setelah kontrak selesai, ada yang kembali ke Jakarta, ada yang masih kerja disana. Ada yang persiapan untuk nikah, dll. 

However, life must go on, right? So, goodbye and thank you 2015, welcome 2016. Thanks God. Have a nice day!