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Friday, January 15, 2016

Do You Know What You Want ?

Planning something or get what you want the most. Sometimes it's, mmm not.. It's (often) works on me. Like getting more spirit of this life, beside what we already get and the family. Of course you need something you do for yourself. Like thinking to buy new stuff, place it on your desk or in your bedroom. Or get skin treatment, travelling, collect favorite books,etc.

I always do it. I am not afraid to say i am a dreamer. Even when  i said "i don't know what to do anymore", honestly it never really happen on me. Sometimes, i'm just confuse where to start. But, i guess people in the world has their own plan or dream, anything they want, it's normal people do in life. Except he/she doesn't want anything, it's kinda weird. So, i can say that it is important to have a good plan to your life. Better if you have the detail. But just don't get too much plans, just make it simple. 

Maybe like 

"I want to learn Chinese"


"I want to buy a house"

It's sounds like mm.. to-do list, maybe. Or anything you called it.

These days, i'm thinking to learn Arabic from the basic again. Not the language.. I mean, i want to read Al-Qur'an better than before.Honestly, i'm too afraid to say about this, but who knows if it would inspire others too ? So, i'm totally don't want to show off, just telling what i want these days. And out of my very big dream to have that.., to have this.., to get those.. in close time i just want to get a job 
that i like. I mean, i can manage time better like i could work, i could hang out, i could play, i have enough time for my mom and brothers. Not focus on work and work only. I don't want to waste my time in office, you know.. It's not my thing. Although i have to do that in the beginning. Almost every time when i get a new job. However, there's still a doubt inside me. It always happens. Have dreams, have plans and DOUBT. But i think lil doubt is okay, it won't destroy me. 

5 months ago, i posted about Muse place. It is Loa Kulu. And i wrote there, that i want to study English Literature. It seems so old. It was my dream when i was 17. And now i almost 22 in next month, it's mean there's so many to do list that i made that time, i can't inked out that point yet now. I'm not regreting or what.. Just i used to think that i can do anything by myself. And i'm curious, i want to prove something to anyone who stared at me for a long time and watched me doing it myself. I don't know whether they are exist or not. 

But by the time, my problem is getting harder, its level is higher than before. And the quantity is increase. Ah~ this is happen again, i don't know what i talk about here. Finally, i have to do my priority plan in close time. If you are doing it, make it simple. Hope you enjoy my article, i know it's boring but maybe you'll like it. Haha. Have a nice day!