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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Bagi teman yang hobinya recording pasti tau nih audio interface. Kali ini aku bakalan kasih tau pilihan USB audio interface yang terjangkau kalo teman mau bikin home recording studio. Bulan lalu, aku survei kira-kira interface apa yang cocok untuk aku. Kebetulan lagi nyari yang inputnya 2. Untuk mic dan untuk instrumen (gitar). Ada banyak kriteria yang bisa dibatasi kalo teman mau beli alat recording. 

1. Berapa banyak input yang dibutuhkan
2. Colokan inputnya mau yang XLR keduanya atau mau XLR satu dan jack 6.35mm satu
3. Harga man! 
4. Warna :D (kidding)
5. Sample rate

Pilihannya ada :
1. Focusrite scarlett solo (Rp. 1.399.000)
2. Steinberg CI2+ (Rp. 1.170.000)
3. Line6 UX-1 (Rp. 1.400.000)
4. Behringer u-phoria UM2 (Rp. 779.000) 

Itu diatas adalah harga baru semua. Aku beli yang nomor 4, karena ada alat lain yang harus dibeli lagi. So, kali ini otomatis bakal unboxing Behringer U-phoria UM2. 

Unboxing Behringer U-Phoria UM2
Di dalam box/dus, kita akan dapat manual book, sticker behringer, kabel USB, dan interface itu sendiri guys. 


Sample ratenya 48k dB

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Everyday is finding something for me. Like i know something new on the internet, from friends, from the news, TV, anything possible to get the information. Everyday is deciding something, about your career, your economy, your love life, your family, your environment. 

I took this photo in Benua Patra, Balikpapan

Today is good Sunday, good weekend with good friends. And i don't know, i think everyday is like a confession from the honesty. What we hear, what we see, what we read. We finally know, day by day, the truth is happen in our life and we have to face this. The good news that i heard from my friend is she admiring me and my family so much. You know, exactly she didn't want to tell me about them (inspired people). And when i know that they're us (my family), i can't believe it. We are ordinary family, who don't have father in our home anymore. Just it.

But she said that she awing us who can survive after the lost and grieve almost one year. Oh she didn't know the truth. The truth is we pretend like we have no lost at all. We still believe, my father is still here, in somewhere i don't know. Then i realize, just after she told me about that. She awing us so much. I realize that, we have to stop believe about that, and back to realize the truth that our lovely man has gone.

However, we are us who always enjoy this life. And me.. I'm trying to make our life better. Dream helps me. I want to make it real now. I have that spirit. About the pending list, and all of the story that i can't tell to my dad. And about our dream to have better house to live. He gave me the clues, what should i do next after he wasn't here anymore. And it's hurt. Hurt. Hurt. Then i get up. 

The fact is that we have to face this life without him anymore. This is not a sadness. Just.. realizing that what we lost, we can't get it back. Just keep going with what we have.. to get what we deserve in the future. 

كُلُّ مَنْ عَلَيْهَا فَانٍ ﴿٢٦﴾ وَيَبْقَى وَجْهُ رَبِّكَ ذُو الْجَلَالِ وَالْإِكْرَامِ ﴿٢٧

Meaning : (26) All that is on earth will perish: (27) But will abide (for ever) the Face of the Lord,- full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour. (Q.S. Ar-Rahmaan (55):26-27

Friday, January 15, 2016

Even If

Even if we don't talk each other or you don't even see me or i don't want to see your eyes. But i'm happy we are here.

Do You Know What You Want ?

Planning something or get what you want the most. Sometimes it's, mmm not.. It's (often) works on me. Like getting more spirit of this life, beside what we already get and the family. Of course you need something you do for yourself. Like thinking to buy new stuff, place it on your desk or in your bedroom. Or get skin treatment, travelling, collect favorite books,etc.

I always do it. I am not afraid to say i am a dreamer. Even when  i said "i don't know what to do anymore", honestly it never really happen on me. Sometimes, i'm just confuse where to start. But, i guess people in the world has their own plan or dream, anything they want, it's normal people do in life. Except he/she doesn't want anything, it's kinda weird. So, i can say that it is important to have a good plan to your life. Better if you have the detail. But just don't get too much plans, just make it simple. 

Maybe like 

"I want to learn Chinese"


"I want to buy a house"

It's sounds like mm.. to-do list, maybe. Or anything you called it.

These days, i'm thinking to learn Arabic from the basic again. Not the language.. I mean, i want to read Al-Qur'an better than before.Honestly, i'm too afraid to say about this, but who knows if it would inspire others too ? So, i'm totally don't want to show off, just telling what i want these days. And out of my very big dream to have that.., to have this.., to get those.. in close time i just want to get a job 
that i like. I mean, i can manage time better like i could work, i could hang out, i could play, i have enough time for my mom and brothers. Not focus on work and work only. I don't want to waste my time in office, you know.. It's not my thing. Although i have to do that in the beginning. Almost every time when i get a new job. However, there's still a doubt inside me. It always happens. Have dreams, have plans and DOUBT. But i think lil doubt is okay, it won't destroy me. 

5 months ago, i posted about Muse place. It is Loa Kulu. And i wrote there, that i want to study English Literature. It seems so old. It was my dream when i was 17. And now i almost 22 in next month, it's mean there's so many to do list that i made that time, i can't inked out that point yet now. I'm not regreting or what.. Just i used to think that i can do anything by myself. And i'm curious, i want to prove something to anyone who stared at me for a long time and watched me doing it myself. I don't know whether they are exist or not. 

But by the time, my problem is getting harder, its level is higher than before. And the quantity is increase. Ah~ this is happen again, i don't know what i talk about here. Finally, i have to do my priority plan in close time. If you are doing it, make it simple. Hope you enjoy my article, i know it's boring but maybe you'll like it. Haha. Have a nice day!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

(REVIEW) Xiaomi Redmi 2

9 months ago i bought this phone, Xiaomi Redmi 2. I will write down the review of it. I love this device! I am a type of person who pay attention to the detail of everything i will buy, especially electronic stuff. And this phone is good overall. 4.7 inch of display size, 1GB RAM, Android kitkat, MIUI launcher, perfect for low-end segment. For $109.99 or Rp 1.500.000,00 in rupiah, it's a budget phone for young people i guess, it's perfect choice. 

Good :
Perfect size 4.7 inch
Good performance
Good camera quality (MIUI 6)
Good battery life
Light and thin

Bad :
the bad side comes when i upgrade to MIUI 7, the camera and video quality turn bad

Xiaomi adalah salah satu brand handphone china yang saya sukai selain dari brand lain. Xiaomi pun nggak semua tipe nya bagus. Lebih baik pilih baterai yang removable, well tapi itu balik lagi tergantung selera masing-masing. Lalu.. Spesifikasi dan harga adalah 2 hal yang harus diperhatikan. Kenapa pilih Xiaomi ? Karena harga dan spek seimbang. Dan selama beberapa kali ganti hp dalam waktu 5 tahun terakhir, Xiaomi Redmi 2 adalah pilihan yang pas. Rasanya juga saya nggak akan ganti hp lagi, kalaupun rusak, saya akan beli Redmi 2 lagi. Apalagi sekarang sudah ada Redmi 2 Prime. 

Jadi betah ? Betah banget! Bagi yang mau beli hp android 1 jutaan, spek lumayan-bagus-banget, Xiaomi Redmi 1S dan Redmi 2 masuk dalam kategori itu. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Forgot to Say Goodbye

I forgot to say goodbye to 2015, where i got happiness, sadness, lost, gifts, everything. Well, maybe i didn't prepare much for it, for the new year. But, however i have to say thank you for everything happened in last year. Alhamdulillah. 

Honestly, there's so many stories i want to tell here but.. i don't know where to start. And if a couple months ago, i got an approbbation.. from someone who read my post about to-do-list, he said that my blog is a medicine. I'm happy to hear that and very happy if my blog can heal someone anyplace. And now, i want to keep doing that. Maybe, abit or much, what i wrote here can accompany your day when you get down or when you blogwalking, wanna find the super normal (maybe boring) post, yeah i hope my blog still help.

Yeah you know, 2015 was not easy year for me and maybe for somebody out there too. But i don't want to sink into sadness. Let's talk about my last job in the last year of 2015. In October, right after i did a touring with Supermoto Balikpapan, with an accident happened to my new friend.. I got a job interview in a local company. And five days after that, i came again for my first day work. I met 6 co-workers there (in my office placement). Seems they are the same age with me. And awkward moment already gone after 2-3 days later. They were so nice and 'crazy', two things that made we wanted to stay longer. But, yeah you know i can't 'cause our contract was only for 2 months. 

After a half of month and later, new workers came in. Of course, our contract date is not same. So, some peoples still work there now and the rest of it was quit (contract ended).

Aku nggak tau apa nanti bakalan ketemu lagi dengan orang-orang seperti mereka. Nice and crazy. Lol. Mungkin karena kita seumuran. Aku dekat sama semuanya, can chose one. And we really love taking photos, selfie. There's about 400+ photos in the computer since the first day we worked. Setelah kontrak selesai, ada yang kembali ke Jakarta, ada yang masih kerja disana. Ada yang persiapan untuk nikah, dll. 

However, life must go on, right? So, goodbye and thank you 2015, welcome 2016. Thanks God. Have a nice day!

Bikin Home Recording Studio

This is gonna be tips of DIY recording studio at your house or home recording studio or the best cheap recording studio or what else can i say? I think those are the points.

So, skip the long story of mine. If you want to record and produce a song or you just want to cover a song for Youtube or Soundcloud, you will need :
  1. Laptop or PC (definitely)
  2. Microphone
  3. Audio Interface
  4. Speakers
  5. Headphone
  6. Digital Keyboard (optional)
  7. Studio Monitors (optional)
1. Laptop
Sure, laptop atau komputer itu wajib ada. Atau bisa juga pake tab atau handphone ? Well, it's up to you. Handphone bisa dijadiin alat perekam yang baik juga kok. Waktu awal, pertama kali aku nyobain rekaman, rekamnya pake handphone ajah. Samsung young duos, jaman kuliah dulu lumayan bening hasilnya, tapi tetep guys.. Ngeditnya juga pasti di laptop.

2. Microphone
Kalo recording/rekaman untuk cover youtube, bikin lagu sendiri, atau apapun lah, aku saranin beli mic condenser. Kenapa ? Karena mic ini sensitif, memang dipake untuk rekaman pada umumnya. Bisa yang colokannya USB atau XLR. Kalo yang USB, tinggal plug and record. No need driver or anything.

Untuk mic condenser USB bisa coba :
SAMSON GO MIC (500 ribuan)
BLUE SNOWBALL (800 ribuan)
SAMSON C01U PRO (1,1 juta) >> Highly recommended!
AUDIO TECHNICA AT2020 (2 jutaan)
RODE NT-USB (2,8 juta)

Untuk referensi harga bisa cek di MUSICIAN FRIEND (Internasional), GVMUSIK.COM, TOKO DISTORSI.

Kalo yang jack nya XLR, buat hubungkan ke laptop elo harus pake.. (liat nomor 3)

3. Audio Interface / Soundcard
Semacam konvertor atau penghubung mic ke laptop, ada banyak jenisnya. Pilih yang USB. Dan tergantung apakah kamu hanya akan merekam vokal atau instrumen musik juga. Berapa waktu lalu, aku beli Behringer Uphoria UM2. Itu interface yang inputnya 1 mic dan 1 gitar. Harganya sekitar 800 ribuan. Aku beli disini DigiAudio Bandung via Tokopedia. Untuk detailnya, bisa baca penjelasan soal audio interface, klik diSINI.

Referensi yang lain untuk interface 2 inputs (mikrofon dan gitar) :
a. Behringer UM2 (800 ribuan) 2 inputs
b. Steinberg CI2+ (1,5 juta) 2 inputs
c. Focusrite Scarlett Solo (1,4 juta) 2 inputs
d. M-Audio Fast track 2 (1,6 juta) 2 inputs

4. Speakers
Kalo speaker mah terserah, pake yang ada juga gapapa. Kalo aku pake Simbadda CST 6200 N. Belinya udah lama, harganya sekarang sekitar 500 ribu.

5. Headphone
Nah, kalau ini ada dua jenis. Closed back headphone dan Open back headphone. Penjelasan lengkap bisa klik diSINI

6. Digital Keyboard
7. Studio Monitor

Digi keyboard sama studio monitor ini opsi lanjutan untuk yang mau bikin studio rekaman professional. Aku baru sampe yang simple aja alat-alatnya, so.. that's all from me. Have a nice day! Have a nice recording! See you. Next post, aku akan review Behringer UM2. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Girls' Generation - Lion Heart Chord (Soul Version)

I heard this version from Yoo-Seung Woo in the radio when talking to Sunny SNSD.

INTRO : Amaj7

Uuh~ neowa na cheom mannasseul ttae
Uuh~ machi sajacheoreom maemdolda
D5                                                Amaj7
Gihoereul noryeo nae mam ppaeseun neo
Aah~ neon dallajin ge eobseo yeojeonhae
Nan aega tago tto ta
D5                                                 Amaj7
Sanyanggam chaja han nun paneun neo
            Bm                                 D
Subaek beon mireonaeya haetneunde
             Bm                                   E
Sucheon beon neol tteonaya haetneunde
Tell me why
Wae mami mami jakku heundeullini
Nan yeogi yeogi ne yeope itjanhni
                                   Bm             C#m7       D         E      
Jeonsin charyeo lion heart
Nan aega ta
Nae mami mami deoneun sikji anhge
Nan yeogijeogi ttwinoneun neoui mam
         Bm                   E
Gildeurillae lion heart
Ohohoh ohohohohoh
Ohohoh ohohohohoh