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Monday, October 5, 2015

21 Lessons in 21 Years

This is a late post, it's already October however i want to do this. I'm already turn 21 in the last February. My father was died on the same date as my 21th birthday. I knew there's so many points of my bucket list that i can't complete now. But i am a optimist dreamer, i remembering what i've learned in these 21 years. About my unsatisfied graduation, about getting a job, about having good friends, good family, about my best daddy. It's random list, but I hope it's help you to find yourself.

  1. You can always do what you want.
  2. Try something new, it's fun.
  3. If you don't like it, don't see it. Don't get close to it.
  4. Success is not all about money and wealth but to be happy. 
  5. Dream is important. I remember my dad said before he left us, that i have to study again, work and buy a house for mom and my brothers. Arrange dream help us to reach what we want in life.
  6. You know what's best about you; for you; and from you. 
  7. No matter what others say, at least you are happy.
  8. I'm happy when i see my family happy. Have time with them is the most precious thing. 
  9. I want to be the one of economy rescuer in this country (Indonesia). By the way i give my support to Mr. Arkand Bodhana about his mission to change name "Indonesia" to "Nusantara". 
  10. Write a story, lyrics, poem, anything. It help you to cure your heart.
  11. Cook something to someone is a form of happiness.
  12. I'm happy when i play guitar and sing 'til i'm sweating.
  13. Don't thinking too long, your chance is now, just right now.
  14. Makeup helps me. 
  15. Healthy food; eat schedule is important. 
  16. Nobody can change you, but you.
  17. Have many friends is good but you have to choose who's best, because a friend is your reflection.
  18. If you don't like where you stand, move. 
  19. Anyone deserve the best include you, so be kind to anyone.
  20. You don't have to see the whole stairs, just take the first step.
  21. Everyday is a gift, be thankful, be happy.