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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Muse Place

Muse Place

It's been almost 5 years since we moved here, to Balikpapan. I've spent 10 years living in Loa Kulu, a district in Kutai Kartanegara, 3 years in North Sumatra and the rest is in South Borneo, i was born there. So far, i love Balikpapan most. I just have realize that everything i see right now is amazing than when i went to college 2 years ago. I have many times to muse over something that caused by idleness. I realize, i didn't control my time well. I realize that most of my wishlist is not come true yet. And the most of the bold thing is i'm not continue my study yet now. I want to start all over again, begin with my main wishes. Like study English literature or take English course, music course, writing a book, compose a song and build a house.

There's no end. I think everyday is new beginning. And i'm thankful to God who gave me a chance to breath today to muse over my life.

I'm now typing at my grandpa's house, our house in Loa Kulu. I have so many best place to come back, to find myself again and again but i think Loa Kulu is the best place for now. We have cozy house, i have best friends here, my school is near to our house. I used to walking by foot to go there. I never imagine before that i will grow up here.

Balikpapan gives me the best change. It was my dream city before Jakarta. There's some dream cities i have. Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Penang, Singapore, Guangzhou, Seoul, and London. And each city has its reason why i really want to live there, even just a week. I really want to try.