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Monday, May 4, 2015

8.888 Views! Daypacking Start!

Maybe it's sounds weird, but yeah i'm going to do daypacking. I really want to travel outside city or abroad but just waiting for me to save enough money :3 So i will come back with some photos of the best spots in Balikpapan. This morning, Balikpapan, well exactly East Borneo is raining now. It's rain since 5 a.m. I just waking up 1 hour ago cause didn't sleep at night. 

So, i will back and show you what my eyes can see in here, Balikpapan, lil bit Tenggarong and Samarinda, i'm going to explore it! Ah~ so excited. Let's see how far i come.

Ah, about the views, i'm happy to see that, 8.888 views just when i check it. It's my dad's favorite number. I think it is such a great gift for me. I'm so happy now reaching 8k more views. Thank you so much! silent readers..

So, wait for me. See what i could give in my blog. A lot of happiness and loves. Have a nice day!