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Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Else ?

Percaya nggak kalo kita merencanakan sesuatu dengan baik pasti nanti hasilnya juga bisa kita dapetin dengan baik ? Like prepare well before do something. I believe in it. But this time it's not about job. Well, the real me is back now.

Same as before, I don't get any job yet except few weeks ago that I got an online job from my μ–Έλ‹ˆ in Korea and got much money back on my bank account, thanks onni. But now I won't tell about job and occupation and all things connected to it, i just wanna have fun. Again, I believe in the dreams strength included hope, pray, and effort. I used to make so many lists on my journal. Could be list to buy, list to make, etc. And this blog is one of my journal, that's why I named it "The Rooftop Journal". First, because I really love when I was standing on Rooftop and I really often writing on journal. It's my happiness. The truth about happiness ;) 

Example. I once posted about Samson Go Mic that be the one on my list to buy in June 2014 (I really wanted to have it since 2013) and finally I bought 'em in September 2014 after sold my Samsung phone. Well.. hmm, another thing is
when I decided to have a camera 'n until finally my dad offered me to make certain about what type of camera that I wanted n needed. So, in March I got it!

It's so simple. It's like write anything what you want on paper and put it in a place, may be secret space or public space like a blog or social media, and then just waiting for the right time and maybe the right people who could bring anything you want to your hands. It's not about asking something to anyone. It's not about other people outside or your friends but your parent! :D 

I'm so excited to write my "list to buy", maybe for some reasons. First, it's like a new born in 20s age. You know, it feels different. Some people say it's time to do serious thing like working serious or have serious relationship, well I guess not. I don't feel like that at all. Reversely, I found new happiness in my own self. Like being more happy now at the age of 20. Like a free bird, fly to anywhere I want and free choose what I need to do. So, i prefer to choose my hobby and anything that I loved than coerce myself to be other people's pretention. And i'm still happy to be single. :D

Umm, the intro is quit long :P Honestly I want to write or tell about my next list after a camera and microphone. It's an Ultrabook. Ultrabook is one of Laptop's types in the whole world :D There's so many laptop's types if you intend to know it actually. And why I choose Ultrabook? Because I want to the simple one, slim, light, fast, and I can bring it with me when I'm in travel. The decision is Lenovo Ideapad U410 $399 or more.

It has three colours as I know, Red, Blue, and Black. 

I did research of Laptop since 2 weeks ago when I attacked by Diarhea, it was terrible! 4 days, my body was so weak and all i can do is just lay down - toilet - lay down - toilet again. Until finally i gave up and my mom picked me up to Doctor. During that 4 days, i searched about the spesific laptop I need on Bhinneka, Lazada, and other sites. I need a better laptop than mine (exactly it's moms)

I was choosing so many laptops. Ultrabooks, Hybrids and the basic one. But believe me, they are so great! Take a look.

  1. ASUS Transformer T100
  2. Acer Switch 10, $389
  3. HP Pavilion 11 x360 Red, $399
 Some features that I notice on choosing a laptop :
  1. Processor
  2. Laptop design
  3. RAM size
  4. HD size
  5. Price
 Nah, what else next? :) It's an ultrabook. I just hope and pray that my effort will appear as a miracle. Have a nice day!