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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sat Nite

Saturday Night / Malam Minggu

Is saturday night so special for you ?
Sat nite for me is a normal day as usual, as the other days.
But honestly, I almost die tired of my days. Because job? or workout?
I just recovered one week ago, that's why I didn't go to job interview.
Beside it, m still waiting for the call from Lion Airlines this month.
BIG BORING at home. I just busy with my new mic, taking
so many times vocal and just deleted them.

It seems so hard to find job, i don't know why. But it's the ninth month of
joblessness. So tireeeeed. But this is not about complaint at all. Thank God because
I have someone in South Korea who gave me an online job. But it just for 1 time.
I have to get a job soon. It's been so laaaate, but i have to.

So sat nite is time for me to search any kind of job, vacancies on the Internet.
Everyday is searchings.