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Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently Using Blackberry Q5

On February 2014, dad 'n mom bought 2 Blackberry Q5, white and black.
But the black one was sold on March when my dad bought new Blackberry Z3.
Since then, my mom wanted the bigger phone's screen, so my dad
bought the same phone again (Z3). While the Blackberry Q5 (white)
rarely used.

I never imagine that I will use Blackberry smartphone again because
I already in love with Samsung since 2012. But I don't know how,
on August or September I sold my Samsung Core Duos, and finally
the Blackberry Q5 is hands on.

When I choose one phone, it must be get enough RAM size, internal memory, Android
OS, and the screen size. Also, I need Instagram. At the first time
I guess that Blackberry can't access Instagram but 'til I grabbed it
and realize so late that the new Blackberry OS version can do that!
It's install android application on itself. And I think Q5 is a great phone!
2 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, capacitive touchscreen, keypad, and
has so many colors. As I knew there's any black, red, pink, white.
And I found on Instagram, so many people in South Korea use it!

I miss the bigger phone screen but I loved this Q5. I'm ordering skin
for it, so it will not scratch by anything. Cuz i don't really like using
a flip cover for it.

Let me know if you using Blackberry Q5 too ^^ I knew, it's a great phone right?
Oh, you can see what I got with Q5's camera on my instagram! Have a nice day!

@tysalf instagram