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Friday, October 10, 2014

Aaron Lim

I've been fallin love with so many independent musicians on Youtube but this time it's feels like the best one. Previously, I've found some great channel there, in this case is rap covers. Like singing Eminem's songs or other rappers. Could be from K-pop songs too.

I really like oriental-face guy, slit eyes, good looking. It's sounds like my ideal guy haha. But I don't care about it, I'm just falling love with rap music. I love GD and T.O.P from BigBang. I love Minho from Shinee (aaa!!), I love Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and so on. Included Adam purski (independent musician on Youtube), Aaron Lim who I just found when I intentionally search for Mino WINNER - I'm Him cover, then I found his(Aaron) channel. Oh I love Aaron's style and all of his videos. He's my ideal guy! Haha. Hmmmm oh no, it's not about an obsession, just "I like him" like "I'm a fan"

Aaron Lim has 2 original songs as far as I knew, "I do it" and "With You". great songs! So, keep update, i love your rap oppa ;)