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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#1-1 Backpack

I've decided to buy backpack/carrier (anything you called it with). I got some recommendations from friends. And they gave me recommended me to see these brands : Eiger, Consina, and Avtech. But that time i was still blind of it. So, i kept searching n browsing. I got some brands there : Gregory (good fashion), Royal mountain, Jack Wolfskin (cool one), Deuter (expensive hi-quality one), and Vaude (the best one).

It should be 40 litre size, front load, and slim backpack. Then, i do care about its color. I'm gonna choose blue, yellow, or the last choice is brown.

Yesterday, i went to Eiger shop at Balikpapan Center Mall but o.O the price is quite high (for the hi-quality product, of course) I loves the Eiger carrier shapes but I didn't interest to its price -_-

Arrived home, I chat with my friend (he is so knowledgeable about this thing). And again, he recommend Consina or Avtech. And i think i will buy Avtech backpack (Adventure Technology). It's 40 litre size, blue or yellow color? i can't make certain about that yet, and... of course it must be a front load backpack.

I love it!
Source: avtech website