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Friday, August 8, 2014

My Apps

These are some applications on my Samsung core. I think I do arrange it well and only install all important apps. I have all popular social networking accounts, such as Path, Wechat, Pinterest, Instagram, FB & Twitter. Messenger like G-Talk, Yahoo, Kik!, etc. But I don't use some of them anymore. Hiatus. So these are some apps that still available on my phone. It's a must!

  1. BBM for Android (Chatting with my family and close friends)
  2. Instagram
  3. Square InstaPic
  4. Dodol Launcher
  5. Pinterest (My favorite app)
  6. Whatsapp (Only use when I want to order some Korean stuffs and chatting with my boyfriend)
  7. Kakaotalk (Chatting with Olia Onni in South Korea)
  8. Mandiri Mobile (not active yet)
  9. MX Player Pro
  10. Games : 3D Bowling, Death Moto, Pool Mania, Raging Thunder
  11. CoolSymbols
  12. Tokobagus (OLX) (Sometimes, I am being a seller)
  13. Islamic Surah Al-Mulk
  14. Kamus (Dictionary Bahasa Indonesia - English)
  15. Currency (Check rate of exchange)
  16. Ringtone Maker (Not really important)
  17. Camera360 (I just love V2 Lights, Magic Sky, Film Flex, LOFT & Enhance effects)