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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Movie Review : RUNAWAY (2014)

This is my first time doing movie review and it's Indonesian movie. Runaway sets in Hongkong, starring Ahmad Al Ghazali Kohler (Al) as Musa, Tatjana Saphira Hartmann as Tala
I translated the synopsis from XXI.
Tala live with her mother and her uncle in Hongkong. Her mother (Dewi Irawan) who was an  ex-female worker (TKW in bahasa Indonesia) is sick and needs medical treatment.They are trapped because their passport is in problem, they are illegal in Hongkong. Finally, Tala following her uncle, Toni (Edward Akbar) who is habitually to gambling and drunk and Tala became a street pickpocket.

Once Tala pilfer wallets and passports belonging to Musa (Al Ghazali), the only son of Surya Djatmoko (Ray Sahetapy) a businessman who intends to expand its financial business in Hong Kong. Genesis was the beginning of the first meeting Tala and Musa, who got stuck and always trying to run away from their problems.  For Musa, Tala is the answer to all boredom and anger at his father. Instead, Tala saw Musa is a way out of all difficulties of life in this foreign land. Once finally, they found true love, grow in their hearts, but they do not see no future for their relationship. Tala realizes that his relationship with Musa is not real. They come from two different worlds. However, this time they dont know what else to run to.

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I have no idea about this movie before I watch it. But I always read the movie synopsis first before going to cinema. The plot is quite interesting but the first point that I love is the place sets, Hongkong. And my anxiousness was paid.. I really enjoy this movie. The movie's plot is light even with the serious conflict but I found some lil comedy in its plot. I love Al Ghazali in real life and in this movie. They look the same. While Tatjana Saphira, it is my first time to know her name. All I wanna say is this is a good film. Good job for all stars and good job for all people behind this movie. And also good job for anyone who starring the mafia, you all did some horrified moments, hair-raising, and horrible parts. At the end, this movie makes me speechless and wanna cry but I didn't. I just wanna re-watch this movie if I can.

Ray Sahetapy
Ray Sahetapy