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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Got Reply from Tarin!

Tarin has reply my message on facebook! Woah, i'm so happy. Tarin is 1 of Vanilla Acoustic members. Vanilla Acoustic is Korean acoustic band or trio. Since last 2 months i've been listening to their music. They got awesome music! 1 of my favorite song is single 'Hey You'. I got not too much word about this band, just.. it's like you will have the most relaxing time when you hear their music. Light, easy listening, deep feeling, all's good! 

And i've been searching for their own social media account but i didn't find it until finally just now Tarin Like my post in their Facebook page. I was so excited to find her personal account, finally~ Not much but I feel lucky today. 

I also has confirmed and received the others reply from my idols before it. Such as youtube artist and coverists, a writer. Rebecca Shearing, Hannah Trigwell, Vlad Georgescu, Phil Schawel, and Tarin. I sure those accounts are hold by themselves, not a fake account #hoping XD

From Tarin 'Vanilla Acoustic'