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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Designing Phone Skin

Few months ago I ordered phone skin which is a photo of somewhere in Seoul. I love that skin, but I don't use it anymore. I want a skin that could describe myself and what I love, like something new. Suddenly, few hours ago before this day (it's already 2 am) I found myself writing list to buy in short period and one of them is a bicycle. I love Sarah Dessen's book, Along for the ride, maybe I'm curious about riding a bicycle again after hiatus. So, I decided to make new phone skin design first with yellow background. Just like this. Simple, eye-catchy, and fresh. Hope this will be inspiring you! :)

What I did last night

Information : I browsed random bike photos and found some unique of them, for a minutes i search about one of them and found that the bike is gary fisher's. I don't understand yet, whether it is a brand or like the owner. I think he's the both of what I thought and I love the design. I just edited it to cut the bike part and make it get separated with the background then save it to PNG. format. Then I drop it on yellow background, resize the bike and walaaa.. finish! Now i just waiting the right time to order the skin for my core duos.