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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Balikpapan, Pencarian

Hal yang selalu saya cari dan saya inginkan di Balikpapan

1. Free rooftop. I always want to see Balikpapan from high place, but the safe and easy one. Not like a tower, I'm phobia with high, but i love it too :(

2. Free beach. It's not mean free-paid beach. Like a place where there's only me and the sea, wind, and some people walking around. I have found it in Balikpapan,
I will explore more.

3. All cafes. I want to visit or come to all unique cafes i've never been before. In Balikpapan it's very easy to find cafe everywhere. Close to the hotels, inns, and beaches.

4. Music store. This is what i always curious about. Cuz i never come to all music stores in Balikpapan. I want to visit Prestigio, Yamaha Music School, for one necessity or buy something there.

5. Music course. I really want to join Purwacaraka Music School. On June, I was came to there to take course brochure and made course estimation to start
it on July or August, but I failed :( It almost September. However, I will start soon.

6. Photograph. I want to capture all things unique and interesting in Balikpapan, with my Nikon. But it must be the nature. Forest, park, beaches, sky, and buildings. I have to train my legs to walk longer and stronger, so it's impossible to take a picture from my bike even in slowest speed.

Those things makes me alive and that is how i make my life meaningfull and unforgettable. Have fun! Have a nice weekend :)