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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunset in Jembayan 2010

I used to live in Jembayan (Loa Kulu, East Kalimantan) before I moved here to Balikpapan. It's been almost 4 years I'm living here. And I've been living 10 years more in Loa Kulu. My family often moving to outside city or island. I ever lived in Medan, Banjarbaru, Balikpapan while I was born in my hometown Tanjung Tabalong, South Kalimantan. And now I live in Balikpapan again.

In Loa Kulu, I moved so often. It's about 7 times moving home and the latest time was moving to Jembayan, it's still region of Loa Kulu subdistrict. I think, live in Balikpapan is good choice. Eventho I have to go as long as 3 hours if I miss my family in Loa Kulu. Balikpapan-Loakulu is about 3 hours
trip by bus or car. It's necessary too if you wanna ride a motorbike.

This evening I found some pictures that taken by my mom with our old camera, Canon SX210IS. I'm regret now, I've been so often moving home but I never immortalize a picture and always deleting when my harddisk was full. FYI, Loakulu is rich by its rice field, agricultural field, healthy land but nowadays in some places like near to the coal companies environment, it's been poluted by dirty air and damage nature also healthy environment. It's so sad. But however.. you can still get the fresh air and comfortable live place there.

I will visit there again one day to take some awesome pics.

5:30 am

Sunset in Jembayan

Beutiful trees line

Jembayan 2010