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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Loa Kulu, My 2nd Hometown

Loa Kulu is one of Kutai Kartanegara's subdistrict. It's in East Borneo (Kalimantan, Indonesia). I've been live there for about 10 years before I moved to Balikpapan in 2011. Loa Kulu is a large subdistrict. But I think it's not a big round area, just a costal area of Mahakam river. And I used to live in Loa Kulu Kota when I was there. Loa Kulu Kota is one of villages in Loa Kulu. You could see the complete areas in Wikipedia Loa Kulu. 

By the way, this year my family deciding to return home (last year we were in Tanjung Tabalong celebrated the Idul Fitri, my first hometown), but this year we'r gonna go to Loa Kulu. So, as long as one week I'm gonna explore this place, my second hometown though. Maybe not too much to rove but I think I'm gonna share awesome spots and places in Loa Kulu especially Loa Kulu Kota, Loh Sumber, Ponoragan, Rempanga and also Tenggarong. Tenggarong is capital city of Kutai Kartanegara which is popular with its Museum and Pulau Kumala (Kumala Island and also its bridge that connect Tenggarong and Tenggarong Seberang, which is collapsed in 2011.

Before collapse,
I'm growing up in those both places, Loa Kulu and Tenggarong. So, in next post I will share some photos and my happiness in Loa Kulu.