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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Guitar

Nowadays, i really miss my acoustic guitar. I bought it about 6 months ago with my last salary. And 1 week ago I sold it. Before it, I ever got 4 acoustic guitars since I was in elementary school. I think they are local guitars. However, I loved every part of them. They got different shape and different sound. The most expensive guitar is guitar that I bought in 2012. It was local guitar too. I thought it was made in china. But i loved it, it was acoustic electric guitar. But I've sold it to my course teacher for pay my study's fee.

NOW.. I need to play guitar, it's like losing bestfriend. And i feel this so bad :(
The only 1 i have is my old electric guitar. I didn't nurse it well, that's why its look old now. I'm so sad. I need friend.. Sometimes I fall asleep with my guitar beside me, even I knew it ll danger my guitar.

Ah, i miss my guitar.
I have to buy new guitar. I need the acoustic Taylor GS Mini & electric Fender Telecaster Natural.
And I think i have new dream book now :)