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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Daypacking Balikpapan #Mall Fantasy

Believe or not, in April I've done so many job interviews but I quit them and the rest : i didn't pass :D Last week I was really sure about my new job but then I quit again because it wasn't what I wanted. I know one of you ever did it too. Then yesterday I've done great interview again! I applied my CV as an administration officer but they offered me to another position (accounting). So lucky I am! But still waiting next week for the second interview  with the user. 

Again! After done job interview, I went through Balikpapan Baru again. I love all places in this place, too much to see. But still.. I have big problem with its weather, so extreme! Just, a few photos I took there.

Beautiful trees line! (you can find the Church at the right side >)

Fantasy Junction Board #BalikpapanBaru
The other direction
One of Blocks

Komplek Mall Fantasy