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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Daypacking Balikpapan #Mall Fantasy

Believe or not, in April I've done so many job interviews but I quit them and the rest : i didn't pass :D Last week I was really sure about my new job but then I quit again because it wasn't what I wanted. I know one of you ever did it too. Then yesterday I've done great interview again! I applied my CV as an administration officer but they offered me to another position (accounting). So lucky I am! But still waiting next week for the second interview  with the user. 

Again! After done job interview, I went through Balikpapan Baru again. I love all places in this place, too much to see. But still.. I have big problem with its weather, so extreme! Just, a few photos I took there.

Beautiful trees line! (you can find the Church at the right side >)

Fantasy Junction Board #BalikpapanBaru
The other direction
One of Blocks

Komplek Mall Fantasy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daypacking Balikpapan #BalikpapanBaru

Yunjin Pet Shop

Just another Balikpapan Baru, Mall Fantasy Complex

Grafitti Spot #Balikpapan

You can find street art or grafitti wall at the alley beside the Zurich Hotel, Balikpapan.

Building beside the alley

My brother

bonus :P
 The other 1 is around the short bridge before you reach E-walk (i don't have photo of this spot).

The another 1 again when you pass jalan Siaga.

one at jalan Siaga

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daypacking Balikpapan (After Got Interview)

Like my plan a few months ago about daypacking Balikpapan or a little review of Balikpapan. Now I bring you some photos I took in Balikpapan. I will separate each place in the different entry so it won't be too long.

Yesterday, after got interview, I decided to have a short daypacking. It's about 1 hour around the super sunshine. I visited Balikpapan Baru with its Europe buildings style, loved it. I only took few photos because the sun shone too bright and stinged my skin yesterday so I'm gonna explore it more later.

 before reached Balikpapan Baru, I found this unique school and took photos from here.

one of wall arts at this school

Friday, April 18, 2014

Unboxing Nikon Coolpix P520

1 month ago I got my camera! It's Nikon Coolpix P520. This is the 3rd post about my new cam, aha. Never mind. It's time to re-unboxing it and see what's in the box. All photos in this post was taken by Nikon L320 (my mom's cam).

AV TV Cable was available too in the box, but my mom was put it on unknown place. In the next post, I will share some photos taken by Nikon P520.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014