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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Make Wall Sticker With Carton

For me, decorates my bedroom is important thing. Even I just can change some part but I always doing that to avoid boredom. Today I make wall sticker from carton. I was inspired a lot from tree sketch since I can draw it. Recently, I also browse a lot about wall sticker. Online shop that sells it and plan to order one, but I think I can do it simply. So, I have black carton that I bought about 3 months ago to cover my brother’s back wardrobe. I put it off and start sketching on it. Beforehand, I browse tree wall sticker and sketch it on my draw book.

Tools & matters.

Then I started draw it on the carton with pencil so I can see the silver line. 
Cut it when you’ve done drawing.
Stick it on the wall and see ? You’ll get an impressive wall art.